Recorded by: hankwilliams, sr.
Writer: ernest tubb

Capo: [g] st fret/key: g#/play: g
[g] I'm free at last from [c] love and all it's [g] worries
I'm free be-[d7] cause you wanted it that [g] way
Now you can go but [c] there's no need to [g]hurry
Cause neer a-[d7] gain will I ask you to [g] stay. Chorus
So run a-[c] long, I know that you don't [g] want me
So many [d7] times youve proved that in the [g] past
After you're [c] gone, when memries come to [g] haunt me
Ill hidemy [d7] tears and say I'm free at [g] last. I'm free at last don't ask me why I'm cryin
Strange as it seems, somehow I love you yet
Don't say you care, you know that you'll be lying
Don't hurt me more, show my heart some respect.

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I'm Free At Last Lyrics

Hank Williams – I'm Free At Last Lyrics