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Cure For The Blues Lyrics

Hank Snow – Cure For The Blues Lyrics

I've got a sort of lowdown feeling
A sickness that is hard to describe
It ain't no use to call a doctor
'Cause the cure I know he couldn't prescribe.

Day by day I'm gradually failin'
Guess it's just a matter of time
It's started in my mind and infected my heart
Baby when you said goodbye.

--- Instrumental ---

I thought that I was slowly improvin'
When the tears began to dry
Then I passed you on the corner
And it took the rainbow out of my sky.

So baby won't you hear my pleadin'
Your love would really pull me through
It would heal my troubled mind leave these heartaches behind
'Cause you're the only cure for the blues.

--- Instrumental ---

I strolled beside that muddy Mississippi
And as the evening sun sank low
That naggin' deep inside said jump boy
But the longin' in my heart said no.

I guess that I'll continue on a walking
And maybe Lady Luck will come through
Then contentment I will find in my troublesome mind
'Cause baby, you're the cure for the blues.

'Cause baby, you're the cure for the blues...
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