You ask me why I'm broken hearted
Why, I've she'd a million tears sweetheart, for you
It's not easy when the love you've cherished
Proves falsehearted, careless and untrue.

You built a chain around my heart, dear
But each link was only sorrow and regret
For you taught my aching heart to love you
But you never taught it to forget.

I've tried in vain to find a new love
That would take your place and teach me to forget
But I find you'll always have my heart, dear
I must live in memories of regret.

Tho' darling, there's one consolation
In my dreams I know I'll find you waiting there
But I'll wake to find each new tomorrow
Saddened by a broken love affair...
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Broken Hearted Lyrics

Hank Snow – Broken Hearted Lyrics