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Pool Hall Lyrics

Halos – Pool Hall Lyrics

Old lady woke up today, wrong side of the bed
She kicked me out abrupt
It spun my head

Grandmother's lost her mind again and pulled the rug
She got wicked, blew her wig
I've had enough of this

And I'm no stranger to car nights,
To reclined seats or street lights
But I would have liked to think that those times were had, and tried
I've succumbed to binges and making friends in hallways
Because I'm hung up on you today, and always...

I said "What you got man?"
"Just take your pick."
"I'll have 2 20/20's and a box of sticks,
And if you don't have lights, I'll settle for Joe's.
We can start off with those,
And then see how the night goes.

I'm in a real bad way that I'd rather forget. "
"Well this should do the trick, but don't lay down, yet.
You've got miles to go, and an end to reach,
But I can see in your face that you don't need my speech. "

"You don't know where you're going,
You just know where you need to be. "
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