Now the day has come to fly - touch the rainbow in the sky
Look into your dreams and find the way
Here I am to hear your call, you are standing not alone
All who want to stop us - they will pay

Walls are falling down - new age has begun
And the falling rain - washes pain away

All the friends are standing still
Do not think about the fear
That's the way how we have to live our life
In the darkness we're the light and the sun
That's shining bright
In fray for life the rock must stay alive

When the day has come to go
When all of your fears have gone
Keep the fire burn in your heart
The fray for life has just begun

Someone wants to steal your soul
To take you to the deepest hole
Where is now the light, where is the faith
Chaos shakes the frozen ground
That's the home what you have found
Your faith must be now stronger than the hate
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When The Day Has Come Lyrics

Halor – When The Day Has Come Lyrics