There's a mist on the window pane
There's a mist caught in my eye
I turn to face the new horizon
I watch the birds noe when they fly

It's the dawning of a new day
Another chance to search and find
I'm looking forward but all I see
Is everything I left behind

And I'd be lying to myself
If I said that I'm doing fine
Between lonliness and hopefulness
I walk a fine line

Traveling down the road of lost ideals
Guess I thought I was making time
Never meant for us to be so lonely
Never meant to stop speaking my mind

Now I'm trying to live in this world
In this world without your love
And trying to deal with all that happened
Makes it hard to rise above

But I quit lying to myself
Somehow I failed at loves biggest test
But don't you see my heart is pure
As the white of your wedding dress
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There's A Mist Lyrics

Halfway Home – There's A Mist Lyrics

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