No beauty or majesty to attract us to you
You came in skin and bones, humbled Your worth
Left Your throne above, to be a king with out a crown
Traded a royal garment for a robe
To be a servant to us all

What kind of a king
Would make himself the offering
To ransom the world
You ransom the world
For You and You alone
Have paid the greatest price of all
By Your wounds we are free
By Your wounds we now sing

You were despised, looked down on passed over
Familiar with suffering, a man that knew sorrow
The one who carried the cross, only guilty of innocents
It was our pain, our sin You bore
Our cross you hung on, our death You chose

You are the King of Kings
Hear our anthem of praise
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Selfless Offering Lyrics

Haley Montgomery – Selfless Offering Lyrics