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Deliverance Lyrics

Halcyon Days – Deliverance Lyrics


They feast their eyes on my defeat
As i am brought down to my knees
In front of my own family
They scream and shout and cheers unleash.
I'm standing starring at the sun
Then in the barrel of a gun.
One shot goes of, slow motion is on
This is my time i'm coming home.


And i am not afraid
My despair has vanished
And turned into liberation


The liberation of the madness
That's consumed by hate
The aspiration of the broken
Abomination born by fear
A claustrophobic blind emotion
Interacting with their empathy


All the misanthropy in this world
Why can't we live without?
Is it just how we are programmed?
Or did it come with time?
Was it greed?
Was it power?
Or in this final hour
A switch turning on
Just the urge to survive.


Standing at the edge of the world
And nothing that we do will change our path straight to the ground


Standing at the edge
Falling to the ground
We're paralyzed
This is no way to die
Our way of life
Became a sinking ship

We need to turn
Back the tide
On the nearest port ahead
Our instincts to survive


We're standing at the edge
Falling to the ground
Were paralyzed
This is no way to die
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