People tell me that I’m crazy
That I should give up
Stay inside the lines
Because life is tough

People say to have a good life
You gotta find love
Raise a good family
And praise God above

Pre Chorus:
For a while I was convinced
I conformed to their wishes
But my life was not my own
I just wish I would have known

That I don’t need approval on how to live my life
And I want to be happy, not controlled by time
So go ahead define me by race or job or years
But I won’t be affected, I will save my tears
Because I-y-y-I don’t need your approval

Verse 2:
I know you are well-meaning
Speak what you know
Comfort isn’t living
Gotta free your soul

What happened to all the leaders
The ones who stand out
Speak their minds
Go against the crowd

Pre Chrous:
When did we become so fearful
To be individuals (yeah yeah)
Well, I am not convinced
That normal is better than different


Don’t wanna hold back what I wanna say when I feel it,
I don’t wanna make decisions based on what society wants me to be
When I look back on my life, I just wanna see that I
Loved and lived a life that was right for me.

Repeat Chorus
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Don't Need Your Approval Lyrics

Hailey Rowe – Don't Need Your Approval Lyrics

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