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Rectovaginal Fistula Lyrics

Haemorrhage – Rectovaginal Fistula Lyrics

Vile faecal decline across the festered anal tract

Intestine necroses, anus turns sticky and black
(1) Innards rupture by the efforts of defecation
Vagina fissure a fine way to evacuation
Menstrual blood, pus and shit, hot dejection
Sickkkkkk!!! Sickkkkkk!!! Sickkkkkk!!!

Feculent sludge boils in genital decay
Excretion implodes as the gases fume away

Curdled mucolithic mass...
Rectovaginal prollapse!!!
Rotting ovaries fall apart...
Begin expulsed as you fart

Maggots drown in suppuration... Menorrhoetic emanations
Nauseating intercourse... Copulation causes disgust!!!
Perforated... Fistulated.!!!
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