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Hacktivist Lyrics

Hacktivist – Hacktivist Lyrics

[Verse 1: J Hurley]
I like grime and grunge, and when I go raves, I wanna see wall-to-wall clunge
I wanna be drops-a-plunged straight into the music; all number ones
I absorb up the sea like a sponge; let it all out with the kick and the snare and the drum
Everybody owning the place at the front; straight to the mosh pit lunge
I'm not to suggest but you're dumb. You'd better do your sums
If I'm on a fire everyone comes; I'm ready to swing like an elephant trunk
I'm from a place where bodies get dumped; I ain't talking 'bout animals when I say that I got skunk
I'm talking the new shit: this is the Hacktivist

[Hook: J Hurley & (Ben Marvin)]
I think that you have bitten off more than you can chew
It's Hacktivist, mother-fuckers!

[Solo: Timfy James]

[Verse 2: J Hurley]
Much sicker than most; you've bitten off what you can't fit down your throat
This is Hacktivist, this ain't a joke; we're actually smacking it, making you choke
Without getting in for assault; just spitting my flow, ripping up shows
We shock more than a million votes; it's time to evoke, we can only grow
Alright now, I'm in the zone; just had an epiphany while on the microphone
A differing harder than stone; just cannot be cloned
Cause times are changing; we bring the new age in
We're infiltrating; system invasion

[Bridge: Ben Marvin & (J Hurley)]
Get down on your knees
(Times are changing; we bring the new age in)

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