Too exhausted to be awake
Too full of life to sleep
Full of questions
About the horror which tomorrow brings
About the love I wont let myself feel
Turning and rolling, tremble and cough
I can't stay still
But moving keeps me awake
Craving the sedation
That only sleep can bring
Searching for a fix I can't find
My eyes shut tight
Thinking the darkness can caress me into sleep
It is never dark enough
I hold my breathe
Hoping for the release that only being unconscious can bring
But I never have the strength
Hours of anguish, lead to a second of bliss
Which will leave me in a world that has only pain for me
Tear my eyes out
Every time they open I awake in a more painful reality
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Dilated Lyrics

Hacksaw To The Throat – Dilated Lyrics

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