Papa was a rollin stone
But I wanna be the cover of a rollin stone
Only I know that I can't do it alone
Only I know that I can't do it alone

August 6 1981
I took my first breath
They said I smiled and cried till it was none left
I guess I knew what I was in for before hand
Miniature grown man haha
Third of three sons
Big bird and squirt guns
Aunt tamey dressed up like a clown
When I turned one
Scared the shit outta me but
Thanks for tryin
Sittin in my high chair
Throwin cake and cryin
I remember everything
Every single detail
Clingin on to daddys leg
Like don't leave I'll be good
I promise
I'll do anything dad honest
But he had to go to work and bust his ass for them dollars
Now it all makes sense
Back then I wasn't havin it
Obsessed with he man
So young and so adament
More concerned with castle grayskull than baseball
Then I learned if I worked a little I could have it all
All my friends got allowances
I had a paper route
And when no one was lookin I threw the papers out
Got caught made dad furious
Said if you gonna do somethin do it right
That's what earnest it


Papa was a rollin stone
Workin hard while I'm home at alone
With some mcolly caulken shit
So be it
Little man had a plan
Followed through with it
But moms was so inconsiderate
Illiterate nope
I read the dictionary daily
Gift of gab of rap
And set sail
And step mom brought the whoop end of the stick
Nothin new to me
Don't act like my momma cause my dad bought you some jewelry
O the tom foolery
I sat back and watched pops play the ladies
Like just check mates
Six sibilings
Three diffrent moms
Can you imagine
Simply seein your pay check
Broken down to fractions
Papa was a pimp
Married four times
Indecisive tryin to strike a gold mine
Siftin through the sand
Somethin like a 49er
Numb to the point that my chest become a coal mine
But women come and go
And I'll be here till the bitter end pop
I'm just lettin you know
I never understood temptation
I guess we both got a little david rough in ms
Everybody sing it with us now

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Like Father, Like Son (Papa’s Song) Lyrics

Gym Class Heroes – Like Father, Like Son (Papa’s Song) Lyrics

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