I Tell you not to drink so much, my god you never listen
If it happens one more time it's me that you'll be missin

Take it back
Don't make me raise my hand
Don't talk back or you'll get slapped,
If it happens, just happens, One more time
One more time, One more time, One More time

Don't you lay a hand on me
Keep your fucking distance
The cops are gonna get you
If you drink in my existence

Take it Back
See now your eye is black
I told if you called the cops
It's teeth that you'd be missin
One more time, (repeat x 4)

Don't you know it breaks my heart
That you call it abuse and,
One Day (uninteligble)
Take it back
It's just a little smack
To let you know I love you
But it better not happen
One more time (repeat x 4)
You Filthy whore
You Fuckin c***
You Dirty bitch
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This Won't Hurt A Bit Lyrics

Guttermouth – This Won't Hurt A Bit Lyrics