The secrets that we keep
We say them in our sleep
And wrestle down our souls if we would speak
I watched you board a train in the London rain
And waved bye-bye as you slipped out of view
We'll make it out together
In your dreams when the smile now comes
You're mumbling words with a lazy tongue
We lie together when we say it's love
Who were you just thinking of, Diane?
Diane, I don't say it, but I know you know
The theme returns so deep
And visits us in sleep
To define the you and I as we
So we pass the time and occupy our minds
And close our eyes and hope that we'll be fine
We'll make it out together
And I may leave in time you'll see
I'll come right back for you
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Diane Lyrics

Guster – Diane Lyrics

Songwriters: TIMMY THOMAS
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