Feat. Mendoughza
"Collaborate with live niggaz"
"Ill Kid ready to wreck like.."
"Back to.. back.. back to.. back"
[Hook: Both]
Y'all cats don't want war with us
That's why y'all won't be on tour with us
Multiply then we come back with more of us
Back to back, reppin on this Primo track
Uh, yo I, rep to death, hold the tec
With the left hand, wristband, shit man
Bout 26 grand, Brook to the L-Y-N
Duke you can, smell my scent, be holdin five percent
Home with niggaz that do old shit, always throw shit
Always bought and sold shit, dirty down low shit
C*** back and throw shit, kick down ya do' shit
Since ya never sold shit, real. 44 shit
Pure kid, rock the sneaks with the Valor kid
The suit shit shit, with the girlies that be cute kid
Real life [?], emcees cry all the while
We street scholars, for every dollar we do or die
Line ya eyesight, explode like dynamite
More than kinda tight, we thugs that you love
Fuck the ones you kinda like
Put the tec to the exec, and get the contract signed tonight
We shinin bright
I recall up in Canada, remember me my manager? (Yeah)
Flossin in that spot that featured Joe the Amateur (Uh-huh)
Niggaz jellin, bitches yellin (Yeah)
Hot enough to get a nigga c*** swellin, weed was sellin
The dude was cross the room with the Rollie started flashin
Pointin at a nigga and his mans was crazy laughin
Lookin at Da Click in a cowardly fashion
Not knowin that we bout to start the rowdy blastin
Niggaz came with ski-mask and, tried to shake me up
But I ain't gon' let up till god Allah take me up
Chicks tried to throw hints, clean ya breath with no mints-a
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Back 2 Back (Feat. Mendoughza) Lyrics

Guru – Back 2 Back (Feat. Mendoughza) Lyrics