You try to judge the people
By the colour of their skin

You sow the seeds of doubt
After all you'll never win

In your eyes it's a shame
That we all overcome

There's nothing left to say
You're so low, you think it's all said and done

Your racist tendencies
Will poison our minds

We just don't need your crap
We won't just step aside

You are so stupid
You don't even want to see

Inside we're all the same
And we all have the right to live our lives free

You're trying
To infiltrate
You're lying
To penetrate
This freakshow
Would have an end
If you would use your brain the way you can

Stupid motherfucker cut it out

I'm so tired of listening to you
What you preach is just so untrue
I'm so tired of watching you
And I'm so sick of all the things you do

Stupid motherfucker cut it out

I'm so bored of your strange ideas
Your decisions are made out of your fear
I'm so bored of what I see
And I'm so sick of your brutality

Stupid motherfucker cut it out

What would you do alone
You're so weak without your friends
Someday you'll understand
And perhaps you're on the mend
I wish you all the best
If you try to free your mind
But I think of the past
Realize there's always someone of your kind
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Cut It Out Lyrics

Gurd – Cut It Out Lyrics