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Co-Defendant Lyrics

Gunplay – Co-Defendant Lyrics

Again, ah, on my case, umm
My co-defendant, umm, he gave a statement, you know
In detail of what happened and that broke my heart
So that's, you know I had surveillance against me
I had the victim, which called the police
And on top of that I got my co-defendant "spilling the beans"
When all he had to do was just shut up
It is what it is though, you know, I'm not mad at him now
I'm not, I don't, you know, I don't hold no grudges
I'm just moving forward and I know
You know what I mean, it just gives me more
Not, not, not to trust nobody, we could be cool
But at the end of the day, when the laws draw down on you
Not too many people 'gon hold that water, ya know what I mean
Not too, not, not, not too many people is not gon' crack
A lot of people gon' crack
The toughest of the toughest, the most gangsta' of the gangsta'
The killers of killers, the this'es of the that's,
They, they, you know, nine times out of ten, they gon' fold
You know what I mean, umm, yeah
So, I just don't trust nobody no more, that was a real
That broke my heart, you know what I mean
That was, that was my homie, you know what I mean?
We rode everyday, you know what I mean?
I, I wouldn't even put it
I was like, "Psh, you crazy," my lawyer said
"He, you know he gave a statement, how cool are you with him?"
I was like, "nah, it's impossible, it's impossible"
But when we was in the court room, umm
The, the ah, the state attorney, you know, she unveiled the, uh, the ugly truth
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