F*****g up the chances you’ve been giving me
Gunning down my best friends reality
What is this all around me?
I can’t control myself this way
Don’t you feel the sickness?
Don’t you know I feel the same?

Reason, I gotta find some reason
I gotta find some reason
I gotta find my own way
Falling, I just keep on falling
I just keep on falling
I gotta find my own fuckin’ way

I do not seem to have control over my emotions
Can’t you see? I’m not the man you took me for

Remember why? It’s just another fantasy
Don’t you try... And steal it all away from me
Welcome to my nightmare, oh it’s gonna be fuckin’ fun
You just show the world it bothers you and you get yourself a gun

There’s no turning back
No more hiding
No more running
Only the chance to free yourself

Why, oh why... Would you try to save me?
I, I lied
I tried to be you
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Lack Of Control Lyrics

Guilty As Charged – Lack Of Control Lyrics