Gucci Mane I’m fucking nervous
This shit done turned me to another person
My momma told me I was fucking worthless
Cause’ I was servin’ servin’ servin’ servin’
But I can’t flip no motherfuckin’ burgers
I got this strap I’ll motherfuckin’ murder
My nigga scooter that’s my main dog
That nigga Flocka will never fall out
Now Bricksquad is more than just me
I make a million dollars in my damn sleep
I thank the lord for all the game he gave me
I’m sipping vodka mixed with cranberry and [???]
A gangster’s life is up and down
One day you up next minute you down
My nigga you gotta stay down, down
You know that brick fare is up and down
One minute its 40 one minute its 20 one minute it’s not around
You know it’s up and down
One minute I’m out one minute I’m in but nigga I gotta stay out
I'm stayin down
You know them up and downs
Cause’ when you up they frown and when you down they smile
[Verse 2:]
Nigga don’t wanna see another nigga
With a stack nigga, five-hundred
Me and my nigga got old schools
Old schools and them fuckers running
Pulling up to the racetrack
Nigga you know I got 3 hundred thousand dollars and I’ll do that
Cause’ y’all niggas ain’t really got no money
Nigga ain’t never seen half wet
The shit I done seen or the shit I did
Gucci mane I been ballin’
But to tell the truth I was a broke kid
Ain’t never had no broke kids
Always stayed dead fresh
8th grade I was best dressed
Boulder crest screaming bolder crest
I wasn’t even no dope man, Still I had on cortez
My brother turned me to a weed man
But he still showed me how to handle business
I'm wrestling with this oil based
I’m re rocking like he man
Bought 2 bricks he said “what it do”
I said cook this shit we gon’ see man
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Up & Down Lyrics

Gucci Mane – Up & Down Lyrics