Phantom headlights, broken white line
Bloodstains on the highway, glowing power lines
Signal thirty whispers softly through the pine

He said that no one could take her away
None that could tear them apart
The song she was singing made a man's blood run cold
Like a moth in flames, torn from his heart

Ghosts on the road

Flashing road signs, misty red eyes
Lost on the highway, not a soul in sight
Endless black ribbon racing through the night

She said that nothing in the world would survive
Lonely spirit float on the wind
No candles burned to light his way in this life
No one saw the veil of sorrow closing to an end

Ghosts on the road

Four barrells roll, down a country road
Driver never sleeps, engine never slows
They say he'll stop one day and look back to see
A girl who waits by the bend
Her silvery laugh will remind him of one past
By his side until the night must call her home again

Ghosts on the road
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Ghosts On The Road Lyrics

Guadalcanal Diary – Ghosts On The Road Lyrics