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Cradle Of Peace Lyrics

Gs Megaphone – Cradle Of Peace Lyrics

I know a daddy's girl that looks like our mother
She likes the way the street smells when it rains
She used to lose sleep over every little thing
Until she heard a song that said
"Worrying is doubting God"
And I said

Pay no mind to present pain
Focus on what you have come through
Good things come to all God's children
Cradle of peace
Rock me to sleep

The faith as small as a seed can move a mountain
But sometimes getting that seed is a mountain itself
And I've got a peace that comes from the truth of the Word
And now my faith is knowing
And I go to where the mountain was
With Jesus
And I play in the rain
Play in the rain, play in the rain
The reign of the Holy Spirit

Focus not on now, focus on what you've come through
Never doubt in darkness what the daylight proves to you
Let all that you see be changed by all that God has shown you
Dare to show the darkest day that even when it's raining
You know when it's daytime
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