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Repeat Lyrics

Grinspoon – Repeat Lyrics

She looked so pretty, pity, perfect stranger
Sold connections for the buy in major
Lobby fucking with the bird board terf board
Need a licence to observe
And I swear they'd never lie
Just shows how much that
She goes, she goes, she goes
Round round round round
She goes, she goes
Ugly race day and a rain face loser
Printing money on parole beats loser
Your hands stuck in your pocket
Digress, confess you offered
But you burnt the house down
Just like the movies
She goes, she goes, she goes round and round
She goes, she goes, yeah
Pretty past you forgot my story
Lost a kitten on the road to glory
I know I could have been there
But I wasn't so it dosen't matter
Patch me another line
We'll laugh about it
He knows, he knows, he knows nothing now
He knows, he knows, he knows nothing now
Seagulls, seagulls, seagulls fly around
She knows, she goes, yeah
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Songwriters: PHIL JAMIESON
Repeat lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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