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Heaven Bound Lyrics

Grgeory E. Finch – Heaven Bound Lyrics

1. I've often thought about it,
There's laughter everyday,
I'll know my friends and family,
Not a stranger in this place,
God said let there be light,
And no darkness will there be,
I'm talking about Heaven,
Come on and go with me.

2. I've read in the bible,
There's a river flowing there,
My fathers on his throne,
No more burdens to bear,
I'll never she'd another tear,
In this land of pure delight,
I was promised my mansion,
When me and Jesus made it right,
Have you dreamed about glory,
That's home for you and me,
We can walk and talk with Jesus,
It'll be the three of us,
He'll say my good and faithful child,
You've gone your last mile
Here's your mansion for your own,
My child welcome home.

**Music Break**

3. I'll have the rest of my life,
To spend with Jesus Christ
The one who died on the cross,
To save all the lost
We can sit down by that river,
That is so crystal clear
He'll say that I've been waiting,
For my father to bring you here.
Chorus /Close
Here's your mansion for your own,
My child welcome home.
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