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She Lyrics

Greyhaven – She Lyrics

You better dust off your sheets before you lay in your bed. You won't lie in it alone, you're never alone. It's getting under your skin, that's where I want to be. Hate to say I told you so, you're never alone. Spent years in my bed, now you're making it dirty. I've played in my head; I hate to say that this is true. I've played in my head; I play your game only to lose. I fall asleep with a dagger; I fall asleep with a dagger, back stabber. You've got your skeletons and I do too, he drove a hearse to your house the night that he came through and you fucked. He took my love away, deep in a hole where she's buried today. Yeah, I see it. Yeah, I said I see it. I see the whites behind his eyes, I see the paleness of your skin, I see the sweat drip from your thighs, I can't believe you let him in, I am so tired of my skin, I rip it off, I wear it thin, you make me sick, you make me cringe and when I see him this is it. I never thought I'd find an innocent man, you're sitting naked with a gun to your head. I had no interest in the things that he said. Life seems so bitter when you're better off dead
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