Is this on?
Yeah we're magic numbers yeah alright
3 in the family baby c'mon
3 is a magic number
Yes, it is
It's a magic number
Stand together do or don't
1 for all and all for one
We are three!

It's a magic number
We're a magic number yeah

I'm with you you're with me
Friends for life
We'll always be
Side to side. We'll always be together
If things are looking hopeless
And you don't know what to do
You can turn to me my friend
And I'll always turn to you
1 and 1 and 1 is 3
I've got you and you've got me
There's nothing we can't do as 3, together

1, 2, 3
3, 2, 1
There were 3 and now there's none
1, 2, 3, we never run it's 1 for all and all for 1
The number 1 stands alone
And 2 you can divide
But when there's 3 you'll always be friends by your side

When we're united
Standing tall
All our backs against the wall
You can't be defeated when we're all together
We're magic number
When things start getting tough and you don't know what to do
It just depends if you've got friends to help you make it through
Of all the numbers there could be
The most important number 3
Stands for me and you together
We're magic number
On our way and nothings gonna stop us
We're a trio
We've got 3 in the family
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Three Is A Magic Number Lyrics

Greg Raposo – Three Is A Magic Number Lyrics