The heart of holocaust
Of a metal winged demon
Flying to reach
It's macabre target
Inside it's body devastation awaits
It's time to come
Destruction pain and death
Time's has stopped
When little boy exploited
Leaving a painful longway
In a second of agony
There was no place to hide
When they made it blast
A hundred thousand souls
Where lost in vain

Ten thousand degrees,
Burning the flesh
Ten thousand degrees,
The heat is the death

A children cries
Blinded and burned
Covered with dust
Sentenced to die

Scream of fear,
Laments and tears
The end is near,
The bomb is here

Would you like to be as them?
The history can be repeated again
Living in trash
Nothing to live for
Only survive
They were sentenced to die
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Ten Thousand Degrees Lyrics

Greenfly – Ten Thousand Degrees Lyrics

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