Song: Anarchy in Badrock [from Cereal Killer]
Artist/band: Green Jelly
Also known as another version to Anarchy In the you. K. Of s** Pistols.
Transciptted by hearing, by: Ford Prefect [Slt] and lslasher [Slt].
Anarchy! In badrock, twitch twitch.
[one, two, three, four]
Right now, hahaha..
I am an antichrist
I am an anarchist,
Know what I want,
But know how to get it.
Want to destroy, mr. Slay,
Cause I wanna be Fred Flintstone
Anarchy in badrock,
Stop it sometime it makes betty and wilma,
Try some flint upside down rubble bouble,
Or you just try frutty roubles,
Cause I wanna be fred flintstone.
In bedrock it is the only way to be.
Many ways to get what you want,
I use ministry, I use barny rubbles,
I use anarchy,
Cause I wanna be, fred flintstone, ya ba da ba du!!
Is this the uspa,
Is this holywood,
Is this badrock,
I thought it was holyrock,
Cause I wanna be fred flintstone,
And I wanna be fred flintstone,
And I wanna be fred flin-t-s-t-o-n-e.
-------------------------------------E N D------------------------------------
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Anarchy In Badrock Lyrics

Green Jelly – Anarchy In Badrock Lyrics