Here comes your, Mabel girl, we dreamed of bein' free,
But now we know that that can never be.

You know what friends are all about,
You kicked those lyin' shorties out.

Who's the girl who's so a'ight,
Tucks us into bed at night.

Holds the fan up while we sing,
Keeps me entertained with string.

My shirt was wrinkled till,
She pressed it!
Chews our food,
So we could digest it!

He was evil, mean, and reckless,
You gave me this candy necklace!

So girl,
Other folks we could never trust,
We know, that you never lie to us.

Mabel girl, we know you love us so
(That's why I've got to let you go)
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Mabel Girl Lyrics

Gravity Falls – Mabel Girl Lyrics

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