Gangsta Killer: Mmm Big Mac x3

Youngsta: I want a double cheeseburger and hold the letteuce some buns buns please for the bun me up for water for two, I got two playas in lick my shoe I need some chicken up in here, In this sizzle frizzle my fizzle spot on the frizzle Dr Pepper my brother, if got my mother, Double super size and Don't forget fries crispies

Ezequielized Odyssey: You got a Big Mac x2, Big Mac x2
Marin nickname is Big Mac, Big Mac

Youngsta: Big Mac

Gangsta Killer: Big Mac

Youngsta: Big Juicy Mac

Ezequielized Odyssey: Big Juicy Mac Chickenshit motherfucker

Youngsta: Big Juicy Mother

Gangsta Killer: and it's over
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Big Mac Lyrics

Grand 3 – Big Mac Lyrics

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