There was a time
We had it all
For worse or for better
You would come when I called

But I took you for granted
You took me for a fool
Through the heat and the madness
You stayed so cool

I know now, baby
That I was wrong
Please come and love me
Don’t try to be strong

I’ll chance your light bulb
I’ll fix your flat tire
I will fulfill
Whatever you require

We tried to be alone
We did our best
But I’ll come running
At your request

You never told me
You were such a hot shot
You want to hold me
Whether you know it or not

Submit to me
A quick reply
This love is waiting
By candlelight

We both know that
We can’t pass this test
So I’ll come running
At your request

Love could be dreadful
Or bad at best
But I’ll come running
At your request
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At Your Request Lyrics

Grace Potter – At Your Request Lyrics

Songwriters: GRACE POTTER
At Your Request lyrics © Walt Disney Music Company

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