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Love Natural Lyrics

Grace In The Woods – Love Natural Lyrics

I know you might be sick and tired of me,
But when I know what I see I don't give up easily
And I know your mind is tough and I know that
I beat you up when you crashed at my feet
But please believe that all I wanted was to
Heal you, mmm

And yeah I know that I'm young,
And you're the expert in love
But has you're game played out yet?
I wish you'd just trust my gut
'Cause if you'd open up
Past the excitement of lust
If you could let go of logic,
Just let go of it all, I see the
Real you
Have you heard the word Beautiful?

But if you let me love you,
I have so much I could show you
Well how could you when last time
Was a bloody battle, but can't you see that
Last time, I let you take the action
When you were jaded and cold
And I'm the Love Natural

Love is all I've ever known,
It's all I was ever shown, I have so much
I could teach to you, about happiness,
About hurting less, and I don't think
Anyone deserves to know like you do ...

So when I say it's a hard road, don't
Assume it's a hard road
There's no way it can go
That'll leave me with anything but love
For you
Have you heard the word Unusual?


If you let me take the lead
You'll find your heart's never felt so sweet
And for now I set you free
But if you want to learn just come to me
I'm the love natural
I'm the love natural
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