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Life Bid Lyrics

Gp Wu – Life Bid Lyrics

Breathe out, breathe in, breathe out
Yo yo hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on
Before we do that, before we do that before we do that
Let my man burn, let my man burn real quick
This is for the ladies you know
cause niggas be sayin we don't be lookin out
I want why'all to feel this a little somethin
And if why'all know the song, no no no dis-
If why'all know the song, sing along, it's a remix, word up, check it
(Remix for who?)
For G.P., for G.P. nigga
Don't be disrespectful nigga
G.P. nigga (aiiight, aiiight, talk about it)
Last night
You sucked somethin special outta me
(What? A fuckin nut?) Uh huh
And for the first time
I got my dick sucked for free
(What, for free?) Uh huh
Check out what she told me tho, she said
She said do you want me to use protection
I told the bitch of course
But you can still lick my balls
She said Pop can I ask your black ass one more question
I told her hell no
Last night (what she do, what she do)
You sucked somethin special outta me
(Aiiight aiiight now, where we leave off at)

Niggas callin theyself the shit, packin full clips in a whip
Drivin hip hop right off a cliff
Goin nowhere, fantasizin with the art
When I retire my first album'll still be up on the charts
With a bullet, saw my mom screamin for the rest of my life
I can't rap, she can kill that
She don't know about the Illuminati soldiers
Sometimes it feels like I got the weight of the world on my shoulders
Misguided ones on the block slingin boulders
Eighteen years old and got criminal records instead of diplomas
Goin nowhere fast
Right into a brick wall, the road is wet so we crash
About the whip and dip before I had you ca
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