Looking for the right way to say
"I love you" in the best kind of way
Coz it's hard to express the way I feel
Lines rehearsed, I'm stumbling again & again

It's like first time all over again
Here I stand I'm in over my head
It sound so lame
And kind of crazy
But hear my words
I'm trying to say
I'm in love with you all over again

And it feels like watching as the sun rise
Getting lost in your eyes
Oh, I'm in paradise
And it feels like breathing for the first time
Holding you so close to mine
I never felt so alive
I'm in love with for the first time

It's like valentines every single day
And your smile, takes my breath away
I'm a little boy on a Christmas eve
I can't sleep, and I can't wait
Till I finally have you in my arms

For the first time I could paint a thousand picture
Write a million songs
Of how I love you
Of how I'm in love with you
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Feels Like Lyrics

Gospelaire Abarquez – Feels Like Lyrics

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