Man's best friend is beautiful and
Affectionate and ideal pet. Cats are the
Same, we make up their names and our
Love for them is real. Listen up, I gotta
Ask it, how can we be so cruel? You say
You care, that's a lie. My true
Compassion is for all living things and not
Just the ones who are cute so I do what I
Can. I wanna save lives and I've got a
Under the table he'll eat your dinner like
The veggies we can't stand. What kind of
Meal would he make? We don't want to
Ask it. Tradition is all that keeps him
Alive. Listen up, I gotta ask it, how can
We be so cruel? You say you care, that's
A lie. My true compassion is for all living
Things and not just the ones who are cute
So I do what I can. I wanna save lives
And I've got a plan.
Why am I so upset. Don't even own a
Pet. I am not trying to press my will. I am
Not the first to say...
Thou shalt not kill
Full is all you want to feel. We eat to stay
Alive, but it's their lives we steal. I think
We'd like to change, but most of us are
Stuck, that's why cats and dogs have
All the luck.
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Cats And Dogs Lyrics

Gorilla Biscuits – Cats And Dogs Lyrics