Under ashen gloomy sky
Ravens fly amidst the clouds
From abysm of Nifelheim
There's no path, there's no way out

Hugin, Munin guide my way
Head my plea to ye!
I am lost in endless grey
Of the mistful sea.

Show me the the way
From a place of grief
To another world
Of warming light,
Sive me relief.

Wandering alone
I'm watching clouds above
I see flaming wands
Above my head
See no gleam of dawn
I'm in deadly maze
Lost, forever lost
In the realm of Dead

Wandering in time
In the outer worlds
In the restless quest
For my native hearth
I've forgotten home
I've forgotten how
I have once ben lost
In these darksome depths.

Now I scent the waind
Cleansing power, my ally
From the ambit of abysm
From the reign of the sunlight

Waind could carry me away
To the skies forever bright
From domain where noone dwells
To the heights of morn alight.

Waind, I call thee, hear my plea
In the name of one-eyed god
Take me rise and help me flee
"Fra dette kongedommet av dod"...

There is no more waind
Only dusk surrounds
In the bottomless abysm
With no stones, no ground...

"Tell me the truth
If there is one
So I could loose
The source of force
Possessed by none
Where was that place
Of the latitude
Of grace ablaze
Where once I stood
Where's plenitude..."

Wandering adrift
In the depths of dark
Through the massive void
There, beyond the gate
Now I left behind
Everything I had
Lost within myself
That waht was my fate

Hey, wel-o-the-wisps,
Is there real sky
Hey, the gods on high,
Can't you guide me on
Where are woods and springs
Let me know for once
When will I awake
From this cruel dream

Slow deseent into disaster
Hope of consolation fades
Listening to the rusting whispers
Of the lifeless moving shades

There's no thing to save or hold
In the labyrinth of mist
I've got power to behold

I am downward bound
In the sea that sears
I am tumble-down
There's no way out of here

Collonade of wells
Painted green and black
Place where no one dwelled
There is no way out and black.
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The Realm Of The Lost Lyrics

Goresleeps – The Realm Of The Lost Lyrics