Carving penis, bursting foreskin
Consuming the downy pube,
Down in the polluting irritants colony.
I love to watch those insects
Suck blood from that spongy tissue.
I love to bite your putrid genitals
To taste rotten morbid perversion.
Sadistic sense of beauty,
Soaked pussy in mooriatic acid.
I love to watch change it's colour,
I love to lick boiling skin
I love to smell the reek of acidification
Rotten morbid perversion.
Sadistic coitus compulsion
Genital pulse during the torture,
Excretion exhale stench of discomposure.
Rotten morbid perversion - sadistic coitus compulsion.
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Gorefucked Lyrics

Gorefuck – Gorefucked Lyrics