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Str8 Off Da Boat Lyrics

Goonew – Str8 Off Da Boat Lyrics

[Hook: Goonew]
Get that bitch straight off the boat
Whippin' up dope and I feel like the pope
I'm whippin' that dope with my eyes closed
Whippin' up dope when I'm blindfolded
You try to run up, but I hit him with the 5th
Still on the block and I'm serving them sticks
Still on the block serving Auntie that dick
Slide on a foreign don't get hit with the stick

[Verse: Goonew]
Homicide shit and we run up a [?]
100 round drum, we gon send him to the doctors
Sippin' on lean, need to go to the doctor
We [?], we watching yo partna
Backdoor, had to set up a pint
Sippin' on lean, you sippin' Bacardi
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