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Drill Time Lyrics

Goonew – Drill Time Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Dude]
Huh, these niggas peons, hah

[Verse 1: Lil Dude]
Huh, these niggas peons
They runnin' in the field just like Deion
Stand on the block, got thirty in the long johns
They cheer for the kid, your bitch got pom-poms
I came with the stick and it's from Vietnam
The drake gon' kick, it gon' knock off your arm
Bitch like Beyoncé, ring the alarm
Hop out the free car totin' a bomb
Big chopper bullet knock down King Kong
Kill the bitch, body got found in the farm
Catch us a body, now we on the run
He caught him a body but singin' them songs
Double back back to back like ping pong
Marvin Gaye with the stick, let's get it on

[Verse 2: Goonew]
Uh, sippin' lean in the trap on the floor
Fifty round bitch, who the fuck is you though?
Chop up the bricks and the J's at the door
Hundred round drum, we gon' kick in your door
Pop me a perc and my young niggas score
Post on the block and I'm sellin' that dope
Trap in the hood, all the junkies know
Sellin' that white girl, got that smoke
Uh, serve a junkie, yeah, right in the front yard
Your brother, he dead, he died in a parking spot
Oops, he dead, he wanted to talk a lot
Migo bitch, got the bricks and I order that
Hundred guns in the trap where the water at
Fuckin' my wrist up, got the water wet
Fuckin' that bad bitch, got that water wet
Goonrich got the bricks and he order that

[Verse 3: Lil Dude]
Skrrt skrrt, pull up, free car
Smokin' OG up out of the glass jar
I'm rockin' Dior, these niggas rock dada
The chopstick sing like fah-la-la-la-la
Run to the bank, laugh like ha-ha-ha
Glock-21 go boom boom, grah-ta
My young nigga gon' bring twelve in the trap
I came with the bag, know if he shout

[Verse 4: Goonew]
Uh, Goonrich nigga with a big gun, uh
Servin' that water, come and get one, uh
Fuckin' that bitch, get her head done, uh
Hit you a lick, better get one, uh
Fuckin' that bitch, better pick one, uh
Still in the hood with the stick on her, uh
Fuckin' that bitch with a big butt, uh
Spinnin' a bin with my big homie, uh

[Verse 5: Lil Dude]
AR kick, Jet Li
Taliban Gang, put your ass on the big screen
I pull on your block dressed up like a dope fiend
I got a DE and I named that bitch Darlene
You got good dope, nigga sellin' that morphine
Spin with that Glock-21 and the 19
Come with that stick then you know that's a crime scene
Pull up lowkey, nigga don't even mind me
Boom boom, you know that we grind
The shot nonstop, it sound like a rhyme
I called me an alias name, couldn't find him
Back door, we pullin' upright beside him
Drippin' Dior like Osama bin Laden
These pussy ass niggas, they voted for body
They know you for rhymin', they know me for slidin'
When a shot go off, nigga duckin' and glidin'

[Verse 6: Goonew]
Uh, Goonwick, bitch I play with the drums
Big boy shit, man we shoot with the pump
Big dog chopstick hit him in the arm
I play with them bricks and I'm throwin' them bombs
Trap shit, I got that work on the farm
Bad bitch, fuckin' that bitch on her arm
Catchin' the pack and I'm stiffin' my arm
Big gun, hit with the flick of the arm
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