This could be a test of desire so stay until the lights burn out
Dreams are unoriginal, and movement's traditional
So keep moving because everyone's watching and scoring your every move
The feeling it could pay out has severed away somehow
Every time it works out, you'd like to cash out
Tell me there is a reason to keep motion on our side
I guess I could be wrong, but my feelings stand strong
"If you play your numbers..." Now you've got me thinking about routine and dollar signs
If we could only doubt (too bad we're all about) the biggest part of what could happen
Sight but without depth perception
Hope that we are destined and not testing out our luck
Through all of the hands we hold, we're losing in stamina
So fade this scene, because everyone's watching a scripted lullaby
Whatever your heart may feel won't amount to the s** appeal
We'll shimmer and grind our teeth at the thought of our competition fading
We'll speak in monologues
I am waiting
I'm writing for playing on an empty hand
Is trying worth nothing when chance defines an end? Is ambition all we'll ever have?
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Routine And Dollar Signs Lyrics

Goodnight Sunrise – Routine And Dollar Signs Lyrics