We want a King who will fight our battles
Those green eyed girls they shake when we rattle
I never know what’s coming up next
You got me oh so scared to death

Right in the line of fire you’re in leisure
It’s a show for you a special feature
Looking at the tree line, watching that sunrise
Before your open mouth, I’m gonna spit it out

You’ve got a lot of nerve, you swing and you swerve
In your captains chair dragging that golden hair
I just can get no love, L. O. V. Be easy on me

There’ll be a crowd around when I’m finished
Now watch me as I host this clinic
There’s more to love than skirts and kisses
The fine dining and your dirty dishen

The choice is ours and I’m glad we made it
People so hollow they leave you so vacant
But what you need is more than just huggin'
This is our game show the category lovin'
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Love Clinic Lyrics

Goodbye June – Love Clinic Lyrics