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A Cause For Concern Lyrics

Goodbye Blue Skies – A Cause For Concern Lyrics

It's four am and I feel
The pessure of the next day
I want to close my eyes and run away from here
But I can't go I won't be the same
This place I hate don't give it away
Before I try and give it again
Before the time is the same
With all of the things that I've seen
Think now

Don't worry about this
I won't quit and walk away

Listen to the things I love
Can't you hear my goddamn sign
The buried is waking up
They fear for this is my life

With this save me
I'm judging by your face
I can't believe you would do this shit to me

The power is in my hands
Don't worry about light
Their all the same
To pull it I got you in my hand
Let down
Bite down just to worry them some

Rushing above this
This is the power of light
Worry about me
I've got to save
My concious
The point of me is I'll be alright
Just get it above me inside your home
A cause for concern please
Don't stop me
I wont leave you alone

They're ok but I'm afraid they won't heal fine
I'm ashamed to let them go
Till the end of time
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