I wanna see your hands, boys and girls
Lets keep it respectable.
I'm here to inflict and preach the word,
And make you a better people.

Would You have a seat?
You're about to lose your head.

Believe Me and what I say.
I was wrong but He had a price to pay.
Believe... You gave it up and I lost my nerve.
Hey, you gotta keep it cool.
Girl, you need to learn the rules.

Oh, the touch. Beating lust.
Criminal display of affection.
A locked door and beating walls
Call for intervention.

Let me guess, you count the weeks
By the scratch marks on your back?

Give Yourself a hand. A round of applause.
You're now a registered treasonist! Of all things!
You spread your legs so I'll spread the news.
The papers read I killed him.
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Criminal Display Of Affection Lyrics

Good With Grenades – Criminal Display Of Affection Lyrics