Like the light from a dying ember
A familiar melody
Another gift returned to sender
Such a bittersweet memory
I thought I'd finally broken even
But I was never in the game
Sometimes a fool will beleive he's sated
But still the fear remains

I hope you've get everything you wished for
And that all your dreams come to be
But still it's painful to know your happy
So far away from me
I can offer no real competition
To the city lights so brights
But do you still remember me
Inside your dreams each night?

I was the one,
And your doubts,
Will follow you everywhere you run
Close your eyes
You'll never be free
Never undone

And I'm still the one you knew
In spite of all my faults
There's a part of me that's lost
Torn away from you
And now there's a silence by my side
I can feel myself unwind
But in the back of your mind

But if I was the one,
Will your doubts,
Follow you everywhere you run?
Close your eyes
You'll never be free
Never undone
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Remember Me Lyrics

Good Riddance – Remember Me Lyrics