I used to think you were the perfect one
I watched your every move couldn't get enough
I see you in my dreams, always on my mind
You made me wish there was no end to time
You said we had what they call the real thing
All I know is that you took away the key
You gave your heart to somebody new
But now he's gone, tell me what you're gonna do

I've got a new love now
And she really turns me on
I've got a new love now baby
Since you've been gone
I've been knocked out
And I thank you every day
For leaving me this way

There was a time when I'd give you anything
I'd walk a mile for you in the pouring rain
You knew just what to do you played the game well
Just one kiss and that's when I'd fail
So many signs you gave along the way
I always knew you'd come back someday

[Repeat Chorus]

I just want to let you know
Baby that's the way it goes
It over know, just say goodbye

[Repeat Chorus]

I've got a new love baby
I've got a new love baby
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Got A New Love Lyrics

Good Question – Got A New Love Lyrics

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