I control my life, mastery
Ride long internal unity
I know myself and you know me
A fervent soul flying free
Take your life and join with me

Infinity, my words live on
The eternal shrine, indesinent, amarathine Aeonian
The words you hear
Taste the salt within these tears
Perpetual, unending, evergreen, infinity

Walk with me and drink of all that I am infinity
Know you this, that I am the essence of man

Empty illusion, who do you think I am?
A mortal passion, The plague, man
In one dimension, I like to live this way
But who controls me? I can't say
Day is breaking, look up into the sky
Breathe deeply and ask why
Cause I can hear you, yes you are known to me
The only difference is I'm free

Separate, I fade with time
Kargan Tor now satisfied
And you who cannot understand
Can only laugh, your head in sand
Join with me a timeless land
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Master, Infinity & Separation Lyrics

Gomorrah – Master, Infinity & Separation Lyrics