Whipped cream, nuts and cherries

Whipped cream, nuts and cherries

Whipped cream, nuts and cherries

[ verse 1 ]

It started at the ice cream parlor, 8 o'clock, she said call her

So that I can come and get her 'fore she's picked up by her father

So I smashed up in the Malibu

How would you feel watchin a fine thick hoe just smile at you?

Dick was rock hard from the start, I couldn't tame him

I didn't want her to see it, so I tried real hard to aim him

I tried to put it to the left, then put it to the right, between my thighs

But I was embarrassed cause I was wearin sweat pants showin my dick rise

Man, I knew she saw it, cause it stood up like a totem pole

Butterflies in my stomach as my scrotums roll

Then she glanced out my window movin her hand up my lap

She was goin for the dick, I knew the cap

Then she moved her hands up by my nutsack

As her other fingers pressed by my buttcrack

Then she grabbed it, squeezed it, jacked it

Got me out my drawers in the car, damn, she macked it

The she put her succulent lips

Right up on the helmet of my gold-ass dick

All you heard was slurpin and sirpin

As she was workin with my hand on her head jerkin, whole car swervin

Immaculate head, man, you can't beat this

Swallowed my dick with lips and tongue and done it all teethless

She went inside the work bag and then brought out the whipped cream

I went to the house and parked it and said 'let me serve this dickfiend'

Laid me on my back, put the whipped cream on my dick

She sprayed it in my ass and licked the split


Whipped cream, nuts and cherries

Whipped cream, nuts and cherries

Whipped cream, nuts and cherries

Whipped cream, nuts and cherries

I got my whipped, now I want my nuts and cherries

Whipped cream, nuts and cherries

[ verse 2 ]

Do you want this dick, tell me that you want this dick (I want it)

Put your legs on my back, clamp tight, let me run it

I was pullin, long-dickin, hittin the walls

I felt the pussy juice just drenched my balls

Pussy hole tight, wet and succulent

Soundin like some firecrackers pop when I was fuckin it

Talkin dirty to me, sayin, " fuck me harder, baby"

I start dig in that pussy poundin, had her wild and actin crazy

Rolled her ass over with one motion, never came out

Long-dickin it from the back, she screamed and called my name out

(Oh Goldy!) Big smooth round ass on my stomach

So I start to slap it, " Do you want it?" (Yes, I want it)

So I laid back with my dick still inside it

With her back to me, up and down, baby, ride it

Nothin but a long stiff dick in her c***

Deep, had her yellin, " Ooh yeah, that's the spot"

So I start to pump it hard on my back drilling it

She was about to nut and I was too cause I was feeling it

Then she start nuttin, but I didn't want to, I said, " Hold up"

Start her around facin me, then pulled her down and slowed up

Suckin on her earlobes, I'm fuckin romantically

My nut went away within, I was back to fuckin frantically

She was nuttin, she was tired, she was weak, she was whinin

Said she couldn't take no more and said she's 'bout to start cryin

By now I could feel my nut oozin up my shaft

Muscles gettin sore in my thighs and my calf

Started poundin the pussy faster, faster, ooh, I'm bout to nut

Come on, baby, oh - fuck...

Whipped cream, nuts and cherries

Whipped cream, nuts and cherries

I got my whipped cream and nuts, now I want my cherries

Whipped cream, nuts and cherries

[ verse 3 ]

I got a cravin, honey been savin, givin me the appetite

Watchin her grow and preppin her mind, she's ready to give me the cat tonight

I wrapped her up, packaged her, she's ready for delivery

After tonight I popped that cherry and she'll always remember me

The first man that told her and showed her how to fuck

The first man to lick her and show her how to suck

Now let me take my time and say that she is 17

Fine and thick, never been licked a dick, the girl is heaven-clean

Start suckin on her titties, slid my finger in her pussy

Her hair was trimmed neat, I sho' hate when they bushy

She was squirmin and breathin hard, my finger had her stuck

I wonder how she'll feel when I really start to fuck

Young bitch don't know what she wants till I teach her

I could lick her pussy, but my dick's the main feature

Took my time putting it in, but you know that I was urgin

To fel the warm pussy of this tight young virgin

I made her look at my dick, play with my dick and squeeze my balls

Until there were no problems at all

I want this dick to be her best friend, soon she'll learn to love it

And takin it upon herself to start to suck it and rub it

I put the dick in her mouth, but she bit it

Told her to use her lip jaws and tongue and she did it

Now I broke the ice and the fear is now over

Laid her on her back and put her legs up on my shoulder

Gently inserted the mushroom head of my dick

She took it for a second, then she pushed me out quick

The tight snappy c*** had my dick long and so hard

It took many tries till I really got to go far

When I got inside, I didn't start pumpin

Cause everytime I pulled my dick out she was jumpin

So I fucked her slow, then I start to pick the pace up

She's screamin, squished her face up as we tore the fuckin place up

Her pussy was so tight, on my dick when I was through

I pulled it inside out and tore the skin, need some tissue

Wiped the blood offa me, offa her and off the bed

Pussy throbbin, irritated, can't close her legs

Popped her cherry, now it doesn't matter who is after me

Cause the pussy's always mine, end of verse three

Got that cherry

Whipped cream, nuts and cherries

Whipped cream, nuts and cherries

I got my whipped cream and nuts, now I got my cherries

Whipped cream, nuts and cherries
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Whipped Cream, Nuts & Cherries Lyrics

Goldy – Whipped Cream, Nuts & Cherries Lyrics