If I had just one more song that I could sing you
One more story I could tell before I leave
If I only had one message I could bring you
There's no question it would be

About the cross
About the blood
About the place I found
God's mercy and love
And although it's bittersweet
Remembering the cost
There's something beautiful
About the cross

I could sing about the state of grace I live in
And the peace and joy I have when times are tough
And you'd see in all the blessings I've been given
In the end my life is just


Two thousand years ago
If I had watched Him die
I think I would have lost all hope
Demanded to know why
But now I know the cross means everything
And it's the greatest honor to sing


There's something beautiful
Something incredible
There's something wonderful
About the cross
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About The Cross Lyrics

Gold City Quartet – About The Cross Lyrics