The first time I saw her
I knew what I wanted to do
She said that she loved me
And her love would always be true
But there was something about her smile
When I walked her down the aisle
And gave her
One golden ring
To make her happy

It worked for a year
Then the magic began to fade
Then she left with another
But I hate to see her poor heart break
She's gone and made the same mistake
She's got
Two golden rings
Around her finger

Hanging around
Hanging round the house all day
Hanging round the house all day

You do the washing
You do the ironing
You do the cleaning
You do your brains in
All the live long day

The last time I saw her
Her eyes were empty and cold
The magic had gone
And the years had tarnished the gold
She'd sold the house
And the rings as well
But the only one
She could never sell
Was my golden ring
Because my golden ring
Had made her happy
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Golden Rings Lyrics

Godley & Creme – Golden Rings Lyrics