I live under a sky of angels
Bulletproof vest of all my dangers
I've been deceived by all the flowers
Planted around me
Sweet smell replaced
By all the-
All the vapors

[Chorus:] (x2)
Every day you think I live a lie
You think I want to die
But can't you see I'm what I want to be?

I've been misunderstood about my being around
I can't seem to stop letting people down
Or that's what they say
I still don't care about them or what they're thinking
It's not fair for anyone to believe them or me or the papers

Every day you think I live a lie...

[Chorus: X2]

Now I know what my destiny is
It's the ultimate rift in the little will I have
I'm not gonna last till the end
I'm still my only friend
Now I know what to do
Much to your dismay
I'm choosing a day
To find my new home
The answer to my biggest question
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Vapors Lyrics

God Lives Underwater – Vapors Lyrics

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